Built-in Detectors

OEM Built-in TOYDAD Detectors for preparative and flash chromatography

TOYDAD are DAD/PDA UV-VIS detectors with CCD sensor so they allow to measure absorbance at more wavelengths in the same time or to do scan over entire spectra. Three mechanical versions are produced as follow:

  • TOYDAD in chassis which is identical with previous famous FLASH detectors so it allows easy replacement into old systems.
  • TOYDAD-L was designed as small as possible detector and in addition with cell and lamp removable from a front panel to made unit maintenance easier.
  • TOYDAD EX is suited for external cell connection using optical cables. Direct connection of optical cables to the monochromator and to the lamp minimalize light energy loses.
  • Each these detector version is available in three wavelength ranges (200-400200-600 and 200-800 nm).
  • As software versions are offered two channel, four channel and four channel plus scanning function.
  • Also are available detectors with one or two FIX wavelengths.